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How Many Driving Lessons Will You Need?
If you want to pass both driving tests this week or next, you may well be wondering how many driving hours you will need . There is no simple answer, as the speed you learn to drive at depends upon your aptitude and ability to learn. This is the reason why we do an assessment first so you will know how long it is likely to be until you are “test ready”.

To the best of our knowledge, we are the only driving school in the country that truly tailors the courses to suit the students needs by offering fixed prices, driving test(s) at such short notice & also allows students to stay until they are ready to sit the tests, no matter how long the process takes.

Some people learn to drive more quickly than others, and while a short course of lessons may enough for some (see testimonials page), it will barely scratch the surface for others. How many driving lessons you require depends on a number of factors, including:

Your Driving Instructor

According to the Driving Standards Agency (The D.S.A.) the people who test you, the average person requires 45 hours of professional lessons combined with approximately 22 hours of private practice. This is just a rough guideline and you should not feel obliged to pass your driving test within a certain amount of driving hours. It is more important that your passengers feel safe when you are driving than how proud you are having taken a lesser amount of lessons than your friends.

If you want to keep costs down & have total peace of mind ask about our fixed price pass Protection Plan Or on residential courses our fixed price STAY UNTIL YOU PASS package.

*FIXED PRICE TRAINING OFFER Includes all training & use of tuition vehicle for unlimited attempts at both the theory & practical tests but not accommodation or test fees.

It includes door to door pick-up & drop off, in the agreed area.

It includes all study materials (CD's, information sheets, office/home theory sessions etc. free of charge.

It includes the *Pass Plus scheme (A government/insurance industry backed 6 lesson course, aimed at making first-time drivers safer. Will be training in non-test route conditions, giving advice on, motorways, night driving etc. Completion gives genuine discounts of up to 40% on your car insurance policy.If you already have an insurance policy, check with your insurer for any reductions in present or future premiums). *

It includes free expert advice & assistance in locating your first motor vehicle & negotiating a price with the seller & providing a written inspection report where required.

Telephone numbers of previous recipients of similar types of offer can be provided for your peace of mind.

Before making up your mind please consider the following:-

Check out the people who test you the Driving Standards Agency on their website ( you will see that those who pass their driving test have had, on average, about 45 hours of professional training combined with 22 hours of private practice.

Please note it is an offence under the trades descriptions act to imply or state “guaranteed pass” in any literature or advertisement.